Everyone Must Try 20 Street Food in Kolkata

Kolkata’s culinary scene is rich, vibrant and ever-rewarding to any food connoisseur. It isn’t just in traditional kitchens or legendary restaurants where you’ll witness the dynamism of Kolkata’s cuisine – the city’s street food culture is a world onto itself. Here are ten street food dishes you shouldn’t miss out on while in Kolkata.

1. Phuchkas


These are certainly the king of Kolkata’s street food items. The Phuchkas in Kolkata is to die for. The amazing taste and delicious mix and match combination of spices in the Phuchkas, makes this item to top the list of the street food in Kolkata.

2. Churmur


This street food is another variety that you can try from the gol gappa family. Although Churmur is much similar to Phuchkas, the perfect blend of spices makes them taste a lot different than them. This street food is a mix of mashed potatoes, crushed Phuchkas, onions, tamarind pulp and lots of spices.

3. Kathi Rolls

Kathi Rolls
If we are talking about Kolkata, we cannot miss mentioning the very famous and delicious Kathi rolls. Kolkata being the originator of Kathi rolls is worldwide famous for making the best Kathi rolls. People from around the world prefer visiting Kolkata for trying these Kathi rolls.

4. Luchi-Aloo Dum

Luchi-Aloo Dum
This dish in Kolkata is one of the favourites of many people. This dish can be enjoyed at any time of day and can easily be found in many places. To put in simpler words, Luchis are very much similar to Puris while Alu Dom is similar to Dum Aloo but with Bengali touch in it.

5. Aloo Kabli

Aloo Kabli
Aloo Kabli is a quick potato snack that is quite famous in Kolkata. It is one of those dishes where the main ingredient potatoes are presented in the best form. Potatoes are mixed with onions, tomatoes, chickpeas, tamarind pulp and a whole lot of spices that gives the dish its awesome flavours.

6. Telebhaja

This is one of the popular fried snacks that are served in almost every occasion. It is best preferred on a rainy day when you are tempting for something hot and spicy. This crispy snack is prepared by mixing various ingredients together like besan, onion rings, pumpkin, potato, and cornflour.

7. Samosa

Samosas in Kolkata are popularly known as Shingara and make the perfect companion along with tea to delight your evenings. This snack needs no introduction as this is quite famous all around India

8. Keemar Doi Bora

Keemar Doi Bora
To keep it simple, this dish is very similar to Dahi Bada but in the Kolkata style. Rather than the typical Daal Bada, the Keemar Doi Boras are meat Dahi Bada. This meat Dahi Badas are combined with sweet Dahi and a pinch of red chilli powder along with some other spices.

9. Chhanar Jilipi

Chhanar Jilipi
You may call it as Kolkata’s own Jalebi but it is certainly not a regular Jalebi. It is way more tasty and delicious than that. It is a treat for all the people with sweet tooth. This sweet street food is juicy, chewy and soft which makes this dish even more tempting.

10. Jhalmuri

This could preferably be named as your go-to snack. It is easy to make and could be your best companion for munching. It can easily be found at every local corner of the city and thus you can satisfy your craving at any time you want.

11. Ghugni Chaat

Ghugni Chaat
This is one of the popular street foods in Kolkata which is loved by most of the local residents and tourists who visit the place. The food has got all the right reasons to be one of the popular names in the list of street food.

12. Bhel Puri

Bhel Puri
If you are a lover of street food, then Bhelpuri should definitely be one of your favourites. Who wouldn’t like the mixture of different Muri, Papris and not to forget lots of spices? Bhelpuri offers you all of this and that too in the best possible taste.

13. Dimer Devil

Dimer Devil
Dimer Devil is one of the most favourite snacks of the non-vegetarian lovers. Besides having a great taste, this one dish can keep you full for the entire day. This fried dish is basically the well-known chop of Kolkata but with a twist.

14. Cutlet and Chop

Cutlet Chop
Talking about the options of seafood, Kolkata’s fish cutlets are the best one to try. Well served with the variety of combination of spices, this delicious snack will make you forget every version of cutlet that you have tried.

15. Chowmein

This street food is something that we all can relate to. This is one of the common street foods that can easily be found at every corner of Kolkata’s street. The chowmein here in Kolkata is very similar to that served in other parts of the world.

16. Schezwan Chicken

Schezwan Chicken
This is another delight for the non-vegetarian people. The well-chopped chicken is mixed with different flavours and varieties of spices and chillies which make this dish extremely hot and spicy.

17. Mughlai Paranthas

Mughlai Parantha
If you are a fan of great Mughlai food then you cannot miss the very famous Mughlai Parathas of Kolkata. This is one of the most delicious street foods that one must try when in Kolkata.

18. Chinese Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine
Kolkata is not only famous for the local cuisines but can serve you with the best of international cuisines like that of Chinese. Although there are not many places in Kolkata that can serve you with the authentic Chinese flavours, there are many which can.

19. Kachori

If you are visiting Kolkata, then this is one of the street foods that you cannot miss. You can enjoy this snack over tea or can simply have it at your meal time for experiencing the delicious meal. Kachori in Kolkata is also known as Radhabollobi and are something to die for.

20. Butter Fish Fry

Butter Fish Fry
Kolkata is known for this street food the most. Although, this street food is fried and can add a lot to your calories when you are getting the best and delicious taste would you even mind thinking of that There are some well-known places that will serve you with the best flavours of fish fry.
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