Popular Chennai Drinks To Help You Beat The Summer

Badam Milk

It might not be a Chennai speciality, but everybody in the city offers it for anyone interested. It’s refreshing and when drunk really cold, it’s the perfect balm to the sweltering summer. Plus, almonds have great properties and one of the important ones is that it’s energizing and calming all at once.

Rose Milk

If you’ve lived in Chennai or at least driven through the city, you’d have seen it more than once, because there are shops that serve exclusively only rose milk. And all you need is rose syrup and milk, then once it’s made you can just put it in the fridge. But if you don’t want to make it yourself, you can find it almost anywhere in the city.


Originated in Madurai, Jigarthanda is one of the most popular cold drinks in the state. It’s got a basic collection of ingredients like milk, almond, sarasaparilla, sugar and ice cream. One sip and it will you cool you from the inside, making it the perfect treat of all time.

Elaneer (Coconut Water)

Nature’s most refreshing and delicious treat, of course. How could we not put this on our list. You can drink it straight from the coconut at any cart on the street, or if you’re up for a little something different, you can stop by juice shops along the way and get a cold glass to take with you.

Neer Moru (Spiced Buttermilk)

Another very popular drink that can be had anywhere in the city. Buttermilk, in general, is a delicious treat, but add some spice and drink it cold and you have a winning combination. Served in mud cups or plastic glasses, it doesn’t matter. Just as long as you can get your hands on this cold treat, does it matter?

Paneer Soda

Surely, the name is confusing you and worrying you a little, but don’t worry. It’s delicious in every way. For one, the drink doesn’t have paneer in it, despite what the name says. But it’s always served cold and the soda makes it so bubbly and delicious, which is what balances everything out. And during the summer, a hit of soda always helps.

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