10 Brunei Foods that You Must Try Out

One thing that stands out  in Brunei is their food. They pass their recipes from one generation to another. The best way to enjoy and understand their culture is by tasting their food. Here are ten Bruneian  foods every tourist should taste. 

1. Ambuyat

Ambuyat is one of Brunei’s national dishes. It is derived from the interior of a sago palm tree. It has a mixture of white solids and water. It is served sticky with a dip called cacah, which is spicy and sour. Ambuyat is edible without chewing it; people just swallow it because they are after the savory taste.

You may require some tutorials on how to eat Ambuyat because it is consumed in a certain way. You have to use a v-shaped bamboo stick called candas (there are like chopsticks, but in this case, the ends are adjoined to each other). To eat it, twirl the sticky texture onto your tips, join and dip them in your cacah. This is just an unexpected way of eating something refreshing.

2. Nasi Katok

Nasi means rice while Katok means knock. The most interesting part of this dish must be the story behind the name. The name came up because the people had to knock on the nasi seller’s door to place their orders. Naturally, the name stuck and today the dish is among the best national dishes.

There are multiple ways in which the dish is prepared in the country. However, basically, the contents are one serving of rice, one serving of chicken, and sambal (dip). This dish is very affordable so that everyone can have a taste.

3. Kelupis

Kelupis is made from glutinous rice. This is one of the best snacks in the nation. Kelupis is wrapped with Nyirik leaf. In the Bisaya Culture, Kelupis is served as refreshments during special occasions and weddings.

There are different types of kelupis; some served with anchovies, and others served with dried shrimp. You can still serve kelupis without supplements and enjoy it with curry dip or peanut.

4. Pulut Panggang

This is another famous Brunei snack. The contents of Pulut Panggang are wrapped and grilled instead of steaming, like in the case of Kelupis.  This dish is so popular that you have to check in the stall as early as 8:30 am in the morning before it runs out.

5.Bamboo Chicken

This aromantic dish has been a secret recipe to the Iban longhouse communities. Now that the recipe is out, you can finally have a taste of the delicacy.

It’s prepared by marinating chicken and stuffing it into bamboo poles with other spices like onions. It is then wedged shut with bamboo leaves. It is then nestled on top of the fire, filling the air with the sweet aroma as it slowly cooks to perfection. If you eat this with rice, it automatically becomes your favorite dish in Brunei.

6. Kuih

You may have tasted the different  variations of kuih from Singaporean, Chinese, and Malay variations of kuih. Brunei has their kuih too, that is very delicious. Some of their variations include Kuih Bahulu that consists of a sponge cake made in a cast iron mold. The dish is served on  Hari Raya and Chinese New Year.Be sure to taste Kuih Kosui/Kaswi, a glutinous rice cake, flavored with palm sugar or pandan and served with grated coconut.

7. Ketupat


Besides Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia, the other place you will find Ketupat is Brunei. It consists of rice dumplings, cooked in a pouch prepared using woven palm leaves. The leaves are then cut open and served with Rendang, peanut sauce and satay. This is one of the simple dishes with great flavor.

8. Hati Buyah

This is one of the foods you have to taste in the street foods or Halal restaurants. This is an exotic dish for adventurous individuals. It consists of marinated stir-fried beef lungs that have a distinct and spicy flavor.

9. Nasi Lemak

This is a popular dish that has ingredients present in South East Asian cuisine. It comprises of fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk which is served with anchovies, sambal, and fried chicken wrapped inside a Pandan leaf.

During the day and night, you will come across multiple vendors selling the meal at B$1. You cannot leave without tasting this South East Asian delicacy.

10.Honey Garlic Chicken Pizza

This may come out as an odd option because you may say pizza is not a typical Asian cuisine, let alone being a Brunei meal. However, the main focus of this meal is not the pizza but the topping. Brunei is the only place in the world that you get honey garlic chicken pizza.

Brunei offers the meal in the spirit of creating a sweet and savory snack.  You will find this pizza in all hotels in Brunei.
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