Easy and Quick Dill Pickle Recipe United States

This recipe makes American-style sweet and very garlicky pickles that work perfectly with salt beef or a homemade charcuterie board


white wine vinegar 400ml
soft light brown sugar 200g
fine sea salt 2 tsp
garlic 2 cloves, crushed
dill ½ a small bunch
coriander seeds 1 heaped tsp
ridge cucumbers or cucumbers 2 (about 500g), ends removed

Dill Pickle Recipe



Pour the vinegar into a pan, tip in the sugar and salt, and warm over a medium heat, stirring until the sugar and salt have dissolved. Take the pan off the heat before it reaches boiling point, stir in 200ml cold water, then leave to cool.


Evenly divide the crushed garlic, dill sprigs and coriander seeds between 2 Kilner jars. Slice the cucumbers into 1/4-½cm rounds, depending on how thick you like them, and pack them tightly into the jars. Carefully pour the cooled pickling liquid into the jars, filling almost to the brim.


Clip the lids closed, give both jars a good shake to mix the contents, then leave in a cupboard to pickle for 1 week. Give the jars a good shake every day or so to ensure the cucumber slices are evenly exposed to the pickling liquid and aromatics.
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