How to make Carnitas into chicharrón prensado

How to make Carnitas into chicharrón prensado

Pressed pork (called Chicharrón Prensado in Spanish) is one of those Mexican foods that can easily be made at home, even though many people might not realize it. I found out how to make it by accident one-day several years ago, when, after making carnitas.


  • 2 Pounds pork carnitas
  • Salt to season


  • Chop the meat into 1-in pieces and place in a plastic bag, season with salt if needed (carnitas are already salted), or wrap the meat with a cheesecloth very tightly.
  • Using a rubber band, kitchen twine, or a twist tie, tie the bag or cheesecloth close.
  • Press the bag into a saucepan or glass pan to give it the cylindrical shape. Make sure the meat is pressed down tightly.
  • Place a plate over it and top with a heavy object to apply pressure (cans of soup work great for this purpose).
  • Leave the meat to compress overnight, and then remove the bag from the saucepan and refrigerate.
  • Now, they are ready to be enjoyed cooked with green salsa, guajillo salsa, and the like, or even stuffed in some gorditas.

  • This recipe makes 2 lbs. 
  • This preparation needs 24hrs of resting period.
  • If you live in an area with a large Latino population, chances are the local Latin stores sell pork carnitas during the weekends. You can also use the store-bought carnitas to prepare this recipe.
  • You can also use cheesecloth to form and wrap the meat, that way it will drip more of the fat.
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