Palkova Recipe with Milk


Full cream Milk   1 litre
Sugar   3 tblsp
Yogurt 1 tblsp  
Cardamom powder
A pinch(Optional)

Palkova Recipes


1. In a heavy bottomed pan add the milk and start boiling this.

2. Place a very small plate into this, this is to avoid the milk getting burnt and over flowing.

3. Continuously  stir in the milk Though we place the small plate, stir continuously to avoid getting burnt.

4. Put in a small flame.

5. Let this boil till it becomes a semi thick gravy. Now the color of the milk will be slightly different.

6. Add sugar to this.

7. After adding sugar, the mixture will loosen slightly.  Boil this for few more minutes.

8. The mixture becomes thick , add the yogurt to this and mix well. Let this be in flame for just 2
minutes, to get a grainy texture. Scrap out the edges.

9. Palkova is ready for serving.
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