Home Remedies To Get Rid of Prickly Heat

Prickly heat also known as heat rash or miliaria – looks like an itching red patch of skin and is more of an irritant which can go worse when left untreated. Relief is quick if immediate care is taken to cool and dry the affected area.

There are many types of rashes but most of them begin due to hot weather conditions. The sweat ducts are blocked and perspiration is trapped under the skin causing extreme itchiness and prickliness. Sometimes this fades away on its own but usually it needs some treatment and care for relief. Simple remedies could provide quick relief – though at times professional help may be required.

Infants develop heat rash and need immediate care and attention so that it can be controlled early. They have immature sweat ducts, which are prone to rupturing – especially under certain conditions. Heat and humidity along with being dressed too warmly is one reason. Wearing clothes, which do not breathe well, is another cause, so children should be dressed in fabrics made of natural fibers rather than synthetics.

Heavy creams of any kind are avoidable. Keep the infant covered but dressed in lightweight fabrics. Keep him in a cool room and wipe him down with damp washcloths. Dry the skin completely and lightly dust him with cornstarch powder. 

Adults have prickly heat rashes on their backs, arms, under breasts and groin area. These are areas, which do not get enough air and collect perspiration. After a heavy bout of exercise, or when clothes are extra tight or the fabric is synthetic and causes friction against the skin. 

Prickly Heat 
Some simple remedies, which can arrest prickly heat before it becomes painful:

 The foremost action is to keep the skin area cool and dry.

 A cold compress relieves the itchiness and helps heal the rash – dip a wash cloth in cool water and place it on the affected area. Do this 3-4 times a day. The immediate relief felt will be heavenly.

 Aloe Vera gel applied on the rash is very beneficial and soothing.

 Apply sandal wood powder or some fresh sandal wood paste as this cools the skin.

 Fullers earth or multani mitti – made into a thin paste by adding some water and rose water smeared is another way to cool and heal the rash – let it dry and then sponge off with cool water.

 Soak in a tub of tepid water to which a few tea bags are added. Tea has anti oxidant properties.

 Ice can be rubbed on the affected area for immediate relief from prickles and itching.

 Freshly grated ginger can be boiled in a liter of water. Sponge the area with this.

 In extreme hot and humid weather have 2-3 showers a day with cool water using a mild anti bacterial soap. At times the pores are blocked due to dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria.

 Use a mentholated prickly heat powder as its slightly rough texture is soothing on the tiny blisters.

 Drink a lot of fluids like sugar cane juice, buttermilk and lemon juice. Eat fruits like watermelon and pineapple.

 When pus fills up in the bumps and nodes feel tender and swollen consult a physician as antibiotics may be necessary to clear the rash.

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