Kashmiri Sader Kaenz - Fermented Rice Water

Sader Kaenz is a fermented Kashmiri drink that is prepared from rice water, pitch and other ingredients. It refreshes a person after consuming in the intense heat of the sun. The people of Kashmir used this drink from time immemorial. this drink has many health benefits. If you are interested to prepare this drink at home, follow the following steps.


  • One big bowl of rice water
  • One cup of boiled rice water
  • One small spoon of carom seeds (Ajwain)
  • Two whole red dried chilies. (saboot lal sookhi mirchi)
  • A handful of mint leaves
  • A handful of carom leaves (optional as it may not be present at homes)
  • 10-12 seeds of about seven cereals including rice (any seven if you don't have no problem you can use even less)
  • Salt to taste (optional)
  • One clay pot compulsory (mitti ka matka)
  • Washed malmal cloth to remove dirt and starch (a very fine cotton cloth used to filter and cover the lid)


  • Wash the pot thoroughly and fill it with water and keep it overnight.
  • The next day throws the water and wash the pot again and fill it with water. cover it with lid and keep it like this for two days to remove the smell of soil. After two days wash it thoroughly again and last rinsing with filtered water.
  • Put rice as much as you need for the meal. Wash with water twice and the third rinsing with filtered water.
  • Strain the water of the third rinse in a clean bowl and cover it with lid.
  • Now put water in rice again and soak it for ten minutes.
  • Boil the rice till it becomes soft and strain it in a clean bowl.
  • Put one cup of boiled rice water directly in the pot.
  • Wash all the ingredients mentioned above and put then directly inside the clay pot.
  •  Cover the mouth of the pot with cloth mentioned above and put the rice water through it to filter and shake the contents.
  • Cover it with lid properly and keep it safely in the corner of the kitchen slab.
  • If the pot is a bigger one and it is not full then put one bowl of rice water and one cup of boiled rice water the next day and repeat the process till full.
  • After four days if the taste is sour, your Sader kaenz is ready. If not then keep it for one more day. You have to keep a watch on the taste. The fermentation depends on the temperature.
  • If it tastes sour, fill in the bottles, cool in the fridge and enjoy with your loved ones.
  • Rice is to be cooked.
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