10 Best Street Food in Mumbai

The list of Indian street food dishes you must try in Mumbai is long and varied, consisting of dynamic complementary and contrasting flavors that range from hot to sweet to savory, and textures that run the gamut from soft to crispy to creamy, making the bustling city a culinary paradise for locals and travelers alike.
1. Vada Pav
If you take a walk down any street in Mumbai, you’re bound to quickly come across vada pav, one of Mumbai’s most popular and widely available street food snacks.
2. Bhelpuri
Another Mumbai street food you’ll commonly find throughout the city, especially along the busy beaches like Girgaum Chowpatty and Juhu, is bhelpuri. Although it’s common around India now with many variations, bhelpuri is one of the homegrown Indian snacks from Mumbai.
3. Sev Puri
Sev puri begins with a flat puri, which is essentially a little round chip, topped with mashed potatoes, onions, cilantro, sev, and a trio of garlic, tamarind, and chili sauces to give it an incredible balance of flavor. Finally, sev puri is topped with a handful of sev, as the name suggests, and also sprinkled with little bits of green sour mango.
4. Pav Bhaji
A combination of vegetables were mashed up, mixed with spices, and served with bread. Today, the common recipe includes potatoes and tomatoes, mashed up with spices, and served with buttered toasted bread to mop it all up. It’s simple, and delicious, and it’s a street food you can’t leave Mumbai without trying.
5. Kebabs and Rolls
On this list of top Mumbai street food you’ll find a lot of vegetarian food (and I happen to think some of the world’s best vegetarian food is in India), but kebabs and rolls are undoubtedly non-veg.
6. Chai
This is not really a food, but I had to include it on this list because of its importance and dominance in the street food arena in India. Chai is not just a cup of tea, but it’s a hot and soothing brew that offers a time to take a rest from the chaotic streets of the city, to slowly sip and enjoy.
7. Pani Puri
It takes some serious street food genius to come up with something like pani puri; Who would think to add flavored water to a circular chip that gets soggy?
Pani puri is a just a wonderful thing to eat. However, since it does contain water, do be cautious where you eat it.
8. Bombay Duck Fry
Although Bombay duck is also served at indoor restaurants and local spots in Mumbai, I had to include it on this food list because it’s a favorite food in Mumbai. Although it’s called Bombay duck (or bombil), it’s not really duck at all, but it’s a type of lizardfish.
9. Mumbai Sandwich (Bombay Sandwich)
I think the best way to enjoy your Mumbai sandwich is to order it toasted, so you get it hot and fresh, and crispy on the edges. Don’t forget to dip your street food sandwich in more chutney before taking a bite!
10. Dosa
Although dosas are originally from South India, since Mumbai is such a melting pot of India, the dosa is also a very common street food in Mumbai.
But in Mumbai you’ll find some fusion and very creative types of dosas as well, where both Indian and Chinese dishes are served with the dosa, and they work so well.
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