How to make Mix Fruits Lassi Recipe


1 large mango, 1 cup chopped mango
2 medium bananas or 3 small or 1 large banana, chopped
¾ to 1 cup milk
2 cups fresh curd/yogurt
1 tbsp rose water (optional)
4 to 5 green cardamoms/choti eliachi, seeds kept and husks removed (optional)
4 to 5 tbsp sugar or honey - add as required
7 to 8 ice cubes (optional)


1. Take the chopped mangoes and bananas in a blender. also add seeds of 4 to 5 cardamoms and 1 tbsp rose water. i added about 1 cup chopped mango and ⅔ cup chopped banana. add ½ cup milk and blend till smooth.

2. Then add 4 to 5 tbsp sugar/honey (add sugar or honey as required), ½ cup milk and 2 cups yogurt. 

3. You can also add ice cubes at this step.

4. Blend again till smooth.

5. Pour the Lassi in tall glasses.

6. Serve mix fruit Lassi Immediatedly.
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