10 Dishes offered to Lord Krishna on Janmashtami 2021

Krishna Jayanthi also know as Sree Jayanthi or Gokulashtami or Janmashtami or Krishnashtami is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. The main dishes prepared for Krishna Jayanthi are Thattai, seedai (both salted and sweet version) murukku and aval payasam. I have compiled all the important recipes in one place to make festival cooking easier for all the people out there who celebrate the festival. Find a list of easy and delicious recipes below- All the recipe are tried and tested recipes, so you can try it with confidence.

1. Crispy Thattai Recipe 

Murukku Recipe Thattai is an authentic and traditional SouthIndian crispy snack. We make thattai for many festivals like Krishna Jayanthi or even for a regular evening snack. This can be with just Rice flour and Urad dal flour well within 30 minutes.

2. Thenkuzhal Murukku : 

Thenkuzhal is a tasty and crispy snack make from rice and urad dal flour. In this post I am sharing with you Thenkuzhal murukku made with home made murukku mavu/flour and also how to make murukku flour at home.


3: Mullu Thenguzhal Recipe 

Mullu Muruku Recipe | Magizhampoo Murukku Recipe, very easy to make murukku for Diwali. This is the conventional method of making Mullu Murukku with rice and dals. We can use store-bought flours and the ratio is same.



4. Vella Seedai

Vella Seedai is another Important Prasad we prepare on the auspicious day of Gokulashtami (Krishna Jayanthi). Rice flour is concocted with jaggery and cardamom and dumplings are made and deep fried to make this yummy Vella Seedia.

Learn how to make uppu seedai recipe and vella seedai recipe with full video and step by step picturesfor gokulashtami.  With tips and tricks for seedai not bursting  and prepare perfect seedai at home.

6: Rava Ladoo - Sooji Laddu Recipe :

Rava Ladoo is a traditional sweet bite made using Semolina (Rava / Sooji), Sugar and Ghee. It's one of the easy to make sweet which is soft and melts in the mouth. It can be made with or without coconut. It's a beginners recipe and one of the least complex sweet for Diwali.

7: Coconut Burfi 

Coconut barfi is a traditional sweet which is very easy to make with very few ingredients and that too under 20 minutes. Traditionally it's prepared with Sugar instead of Jaggery. There are few variations in making Coconut Burfi and this is one of the simpler version.

Coconut Burfi

 Nei Sweet Appam 
made with raw rice and jaggery is one of the easiest appam that we make for Gokulashtami/Janmashtami. Make this easy sweet appam for any occassion and enjoy.

Semiya/Vermicelli Payasam, usually served warm or at room temperature, is the most simplest of payasams. This creamy, thick, delicious Semiya Payasam is the sole winner in all hearts and among all age groups.

10. Papaya Kesari recipe

Kesari is a popular South Indian dessert/sweet made with rava (sooji/semolina) during festivals or special occasions. This variation is made with rava and papaya.

Wishing you Happy Janmashtami/Gokulashtami/Krishna Jayathi to All Friends and Family all across the Globe.
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